Local Mountain Bike Rides:

Cocollala Butler

Length: 10.5 miles
Time: 2½ - 3 ½ hrs
Elv Gain: 1,400'
Aerobic: Moderate+
Technical: 90% Intermediate, 10% Advanced
Description: This ride consists of over 2 miles of varied (some smooth, some quite steep/rocky with tight turns) single track sandwiched between portions of rough and rolling forest roads where you may encounter vehicle / ATV traffic. Also possible side trip on more single track to the lake.
Trailhead: Drive south on Hwy 95 11.5 miles to Blacktail Rd. Turn left. Stay left at the road split; continue another mile to the intersection of Butler Creek Rd 230 and Cocollala Creek Rd where you can park.
The Ride: Ride south on Cocollala Creek Rd approx. ½ mile; then turn left onto Forest Road 630. It's a steady climb up the Cocollala Creek drainage. Recent logging has added spurs, but the main road is obvious. At 4 miles, the road splits you want to go left toward Trail 231. Another ¾ mile brings you to a gate. 300 yds beyond the gate look for small sign pointing to Trail 231. (This is the single track you want). There is also a 2nd sign 20 yds further. First portion of the trail is moderate grade with awesome views of Maiden Creek Canyon. The single track may also be rutted from motorcycle use. Then over a mile of steep, twisting descent brings you to a small parking area / trailhead for 3 trails. If you're up for more riding, tackle Trail 321 1.5 miles down to Maiden Rock on Lake Pend Oreille. Otherwise, bear left out of the parking area and you'll be headed west on Butler Creek Rd 230 a fun, 3 mile cruise back to your vehicle.

Bernard Peak

Out and Back
Length: 5 miles (one way)
Time: 3 - 5 hrs
Elv Gain: 2,600'
Aerobic: Moderate - Strenuous
Technical: Intermediate
Description: This is some of the better single track riding in the area accessed by a 2+ mile moderate climb up a dirt road. The single track is mostly dirt; laced with enough roots, switchbacks and other obstacles to keep it challenging. Add in the distance and the slope and you have a great ride. The trail is mostly shady on a hot day, and you can finish with a swim at Farragut State Park.
Trailhead: Drive 23 miles south on Hwy 95 to the traffic light (Hwy 54). Turn left and go 4 miles to the traffic circle and Good Hope Rd. Turn right and go 1/2 mile to Twete Rd. Turn left and go 1.5 miles to the end of the road.
The Ride: Start the ride by ducking the metal gate just to the north of the Westwind Ranch drive, and riding east on the dirt road paralleling the fence. At ¾ mile you encounter another gate to go around or under. Continue climbing the dirt road past a logging landing & 3 side roads. At about 2 miles you will encounter a 2nd landing where the road forks and becomes rougher and narrower. Go to the right, up a short, steep hill. At the top, the single track will be straight ahead. About 15 yds up the single track you will pass another trail on your left marked SCOUT TRAIL. Continue climbing as the trail is easy to follow 2.6 miles of sweet riding to the top.
Notes: Don't expect a view from the top! But there is an awesome vista spot accessed by riding straight through the first log landing. It's only 1/3 mile out of your way and well worth it. Also, the single track portion of this ride can be reached via the SCOUT TRAIL from Farragut State Park. It has some more steep and technical sections; maybe short hike-a-bikes. Maps available at the Farragut Visitors Center.

Gold Hill

Out and Back with Loop
Length: 11.5 miles
Time: 2 - 3 hrs
Elv Gain: 1,500'
Aerobic: Strenuous
Technical: Confident Intermediate
Description: Start with a 3.7 mile steady single track climb made more interesting by 20+ switchbacks of varying difficulty and numerous other roots and rocky areas. Then a 2- mile breather of rolling Forest Service Road and smooth fast single track brings you to a 300' climb on F.S. road, and finally a descent on the same single track you climbed to start. Throw in some awesome vistas of Sandpoint and Lake Pend Oreille, and the fact that it's also a do-able scenic ride from town if you are looking for more miles.
Trailhead: Drive south on Hwy 95 4.5 miles to Bottle Bay Rd. Turn left, cross RR tracks, and continue 4 miles to trailhead parking on the right.
The Ride: The 3.7 mile climb up Gold Hill Trail #3 is easy to follow. You'll need your full concentration on the riding! Be on the watch for hikers, and the view spots where you can take a breather. The trail tops out at Forest Service Road #2642; where you will turn right, and go ½ mile to road's end. Pick up the single track here. It's over a mile, mostly smooth and fast, with some fun rollers – ending at Rd #2642, where you will turn left and begin the road climb back to the top of Gold Hill trail #3. (1/2 mile before you reach the intersection of Rd #2642 and Gold Hill Trail #3 look for the short spur on the right to check out another awesome view spot.) The 1,500' descent back down Gold Hill Trail #3 is your reward; but remember it has some tricky sections, and there may be hikers or bikers ascending.

Wylie Knob

Length: 14.5 miles
Time: 2½ - 3½ hrs
Elv Gain: 800'
Aerobic: Moderate
Technical: Intermediate
Description: The elevation gain comes in the first 2 miles as you climb an old roadbed and single track to the saddle near Wylie Knob. There are a few rough spots, but nothing too technical. From here, the remainder of the ride is mostly rolling downhill on Forest Service roads. (There is more technical single track above the saddle if you wish to explore.) This beautifully timbered area is little used and offers a real possibility of seeing wildlife, especially mid-week. Weekends you may encounter horses.
Trailhead: Drive 7.5 miles north on Hwy 95 to Colburn-Culver Rd. Turn right and go 4.5 miles to Samuels Rd. Turn left on Samuels, then right on Grouse Creek Rd (Rd. #280). Drive 7 miles to trailhead and parking on the left.
The Ride: Look for the trailhead sign (#483) near the southeast corner of the parking area. The climb to the saddle is 2.1 miles. At the saddle, cross the clearing and head left on the double track (Rd #215). Do not cross creek. You now have over 5 miles of cruising down this double track. Just stay on the main road, always going down. Immediately after the metal gate take a left onto Rd #2656 another 5+ miles of cruising this more improved road will bring you down to Grouse Creek Rd #280. Turn left and ride the 2 miles back to your vehicle. Whew! That last little climb is a grunt!

Mineral Point (F.S. Trail #82)

Out and Back
Length: 2.1 miles (one-way)
Time: 1 - 2 hrs
Elv Gain: 400'
Aerobic: Moderate
Technical: Intermediate
Description: Sweet single track with a few technical switchbacks and short sections of exposed rock that all but advanced riders will probably walk. Frequent obstacles are very ride-able. The trail rolls up and down through varied terrain of Ponderosa pine and cedar forest, offering many nice views of the lake. Usually dry and rideable early season.
Trailhead: Drive south on Hwy 95 5 miles to Sagle Rd. (also marked Garfield Bay - Glengary Bay). Turn left; continue 7 miles, where you will take the right fork to Garfield Bay. Passing by the lake and day-use area on the right, follow the sign to Mineral Point. Turn right on Rd #532, drive 3 miles to Rd #532A. ½ mile on 532A will bring you to the trailhead & parking.
The Ride: The trail begins as a wide, wheelchair accessible interpretive trail, please be on the lookout for pedestrians. The single track is easy to follow, no route finding to distract you from the fun ride. The turn-around point is beautiful Green Bay campground; offering a perfect opportunity for a swim or lunch on the beach before returning to Mineral Point on the trail.
Notes: To extend this ride, park at Garfield Bay day-use area and ride to the trailhead. Road #532 is dirt/gravel and sees only light use.

Local Road Rides:

Schweitzer Mountain Climb

Up and Back
Description: 18 miles r/t, 2,500 ft. climb, 5.4% avg. grade. This is the premier road climbing challenge in the area. Road is smooth and well maintained.
Start/End: Schweitzer Park-n-Ride lot at Schweitzer Mountain Road and RR tracks. Take Boyer Ave north out of town to Schweitzer Cut-Off Rd. Turn left and then right on Boyer Rd (again) to Schweitzer Mountain Road.
Notes: This ride starts approx. 3 miles from town. Spectacular views of the lake and Cabinet mountains (east) from the top. When approaching the ski village at the top, be sure to take the middle road as this will take you to the village. Be mindful of the switchbacks on your descent.

Baldy Mountain Rd

Up and Back
Description: 3.4 miles r/t, 580 ft climb, 6.5 % avg. grade, hill training circuit
Start/End: Baldy Mountain Rd at Upland Dr west of town. Take Boyer Ave north to Baldy Mt Rd and west to Upland Dr.
Notes: Good paved road for hill training circuits. The top of the paved portion of Baldy Mt Rd (turnaround) is at Janish Dr / Turtle Rock Rd.

Bottle Bay Rd / Sagle Rd

Loop w/ variation
Description: 24 miles r/t, rolling hills.
Start/End: North end of Long Bridge parking area (near Conoco station).
Notes: Take bike path across the Long Bridge to Bottle Bay Rd. Head east on Bottle Bay Rd. Very scenic ride with views of the lake and surrounding Cabinet and Selkirk Mountains. It's hard to make a wrong turn on this ride, just be sure to turn right at the east end of Bottle Bay Rd where it intersects Sagle Rd. For a shorter loop (12 miles r/t), take Lignite Rd. (east of RR tracks) between Bottle Bay Rd and Sagle Rd. and back via the bike path.

Colburn-Culver Rd

Loop w/ variation
Description: 30 miles r/t, rolling flat ride
Start/End: Junction of Hwy 200 & Hwy 95
Notes: Take Hwy 200 east to C-C Rd then north for the loop. For a shorter loop, take Selle Rd (about half way up C-C Rd) west, which takes 12 miles off the ride.

Lakeshore Dr / Dufort Rd / Hwy 95 / Bike Path

Description: 29 miles r/t, fairly flat
Start/End: North end of Long Bridge parking area (near Conoco station).
Notes: Take the bike path over Long Bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge look for the new pedestrian/bicycle underpass to take you under and to the other side of Hwy 95. This underpass takes you to the begining of Lakeshore Dr. Lakeshore Dr becomes unpaved, but very rideable 3.6 miles before Dufort Rd. The bike path along the east side of Hwy 95 starts up at Sagle Rd heading north.

Lakeshore Dr / Dufort Rd / Priest River / Hwy 2

Loop w/ variation
Description: 45 miles r/t, fairly flat
Start/End: North end of Long Bridge parking area (near Conoco station).
Notes: Scenic loop along Pend Oreille River west of town. Watch for nesting osprey. Take the bike path over Long Bridge. Immediately after crossing the bridge look for the new pedestrian/bicycle underpass to take you under and to the other side of Hwy 95. This underpass takes you to the begining of Lakeshore Dr. Lakeshore Dr becomes unpaved, but very rideable 3.6 miles before Dufort Rd. An alternate route would be to take the bike path along Hwy 95 to Sagle Rd, then Hwy 95 to Dufort Rd and then west to Priest River avoiding the unpaved section of Lakeshore Dr. Return to Sandpoint via Hwy 2.

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